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Jackie Onassis
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Who is Jackie Onassis?

Jackie Kennedy Onassis originally was - A First Lady: Just out of the line of fire: A fashion icon: An aesthetic and an ideal.  She was also the subject matter of the 'Modern American History' lecture at Sydney University that re-united Kai Tan and Raph Dixon. 

 So, two mates get reacquainted and we get one of the most potent new forces on Australia’s hip-hop scene.  Kai and Raph are also the newest members of the collective known as the ‘One Day’ crew, along with Spit Syndicate, Joyride and Horrorshow: who just also happened to be buddies from their school days.

 ‘Jackie Onassis’ weaves a spare, sinewy musicality and razor sharp lyricism; innovating without even meaning to.  “We keep getting all these people saying how different we sound,” says Raph, “But we didn’t even realise we were doing it!”

 In one of those ‘you couldn’t make this up’ type stories, a guy who writes a music blog in England was out here on holiday, heard early single ‘Crystal Balling’’ on the radio and loved it.  He flicked it to uber-influential British DJ Zane Lowe, who began spinning it on the BBC Radio 1.

The next thing Raph and Kai know, they’re getting a phone call from their manager asking if they’ve got passports, because they’ve just scored two slots at ‘The Great Escape’ Festival in Brighton ... Which of course they killed – getting asked by organisers to play an unprecedented third slot to close out the festival.

Their brand new singles ‘Juliette’ and ‘Special Occasion’ are already getting a lot of love at radio and the boys have just put the finishing touches on new material for their second EP ‘Juliette’, to be out in January 2014. A tour in 2013 and another one in March 2014 with Illy also helped to cement the reputation for Jackie Onassis' very impressive live show.

 What helps give 'Jackie Onassis' its almost indefinable extra dimension is the willingness for Raph and Kai to musically explore genres outside of hip hop.